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I met a man…

… who coincidentally couldn’t see… but who had Vision.

He saw me clearly, although I did not know he was looking, alert, awake.

His name is Meltia and he is visually disabled, in layman’s terms.

But he can see deeply.

Meltia has climbed a mountain, literally, although he can’t see. He wanted a challenge.

He has learned to read and write and to teach… and to motivate and to inspire. And he does this daily.

And his most striking words to me, of his life were:

‘Nobody owes me anything.’

His ‘disability’ occurred from a fall, an accident, while he was in the womb. He had no say; he wasn’t ‘there’ to avoid it. It just happened; it just was.

My encountering him was at a strange meeting; you know those official kinds. The ones that go nowhere and are destined to be repeated weekly, indefinitely, until another new hot subject comes up to start having meetings for again.

So I sat in the meeting with my notes, not interested… tuning out the chatter to concentrate on my work and I started to hum some little song… some inspirational song.

It was under my breath, no-one should hear. But he heard and he responded by agreeing to the tag line, whatever that was. It was a grateful song, so whatever it was, resonated.

This man was joyful; very concerned sometimes about his future, as an older man without family and having had to earn his own living all of his life… But cheerful and so thankful to give people hope and inspire people despite his ‘disability’.

We could speak deeply, for long periods. He didn’t see me as a superficial being. We didn’t have to get by my ‘looks’ or my age… I didn’t have to curb my charm or my smile at the risk of being too attractive.

‘If people only knew the challenges of being… If only…’

‘Of course they know! ‘[smile]

No, he saw me. He ‘met’ with me. He appreciated me. He inspired me. He showed another light to me to keep going… to stay on the path…

And I wish Meltia well. I pray he will be protected and taken care of in his old age, and given the comfort of mind that he has afforded so many people.

I pray, if I can help him to secure his future, that someday I will be able to.

God bless you, kind Meltia.

Meltia Hamilton

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Investment… what’s this…?

So I finally bought the clock; the chime and strike kind that keeps a girl on track in a gentle way, much much better than any alarm clock could or alert or buzzer etc. Just a pleasant reminder that time’s passing. I’ve wanted it for a long time but hesitated. Now I’ve finally succumbed to my instincts and got it. It is a great reminder of my youth and somehow feels like a ‘Welcome Home’ present that was long past due getting home…

But why the clock? It wasn’t cheap, let me say that firstly. I hardly buy extravagances. I have really no need for ‘things’ right now; it’s crystal clear for me that ‘things’ make clutter. And let’s say I’m a Zen Buddhist monk in training so less and less clutter is where I’m heading, and more and more so daily!

So if I introduce something new into my life, I really want it!

But unconsciously I think I worked out the value and it seems worthwhile to make the investment. I know it’s going to bring me pleasure for many years… Even now each time I hear that chime it feels great… I can’t say why some things pull my pleasure string, but they do! It is an antique of sorts as well; I can’t say what age, but I don’t think they make these guys as a standard anymore. So it has some age on it; it even looks ‘old’, which I don’t mind. I will keep it polished and serviced in its lifetime with me…

I also think it would be a great thing to leave for my kids when that time comes. Not too many more things in my home could I say that for! It should be special and something that brings me a good deal of pleasure and good memories; that’s what I think!

I’m very conscious about what I will send forward to the next stage. It feels important to me; and this, even though I don’t have children! But on recollection of the luck that I had, a person in my youth, who was really conscious of what she passed on, it is just a tribute to that person again, to be aware of how I do things like this also.

I was lucky, because although at the time I felt it was a bit of a drag and uncool, the strict ways my grandmother raised me, have prepared me better for a life of ups and downs than many of my peers and even siblings that were raised with contemporary parents of the modern age. She did things the old way. She taught me about stretching things, about using what was there and making it so great, it would seem like it was intended to be in use in the first place!

She definitely taught me how to take care of things so that they will last a long time and wouldn’t have to be replaced that often. She taught me how to budget and to do with precious little, actually. Then anything on top of that was supplementary, not the main.

This was common sense transplanted, from a time when excess was not an option! And so, those other things that endured rose to the surface as her priorities.

Her lessons kept my focus straight for many years; I never feel embarrassed when cash is short; such is life. Just like I went for years without checking my account because I withdrew so seldom and only for needs and the occasional special treat…!

Like my antique clock. A little treasure that perhaps, along with little wisdoms, I will pass onto the next generation with lots of loving tales of the joys of time passing, with pleasant chimes marking it… just the way I like it!

God bless the elders and the ancients. And bless the next generation with the best we have to give.




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