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I am actually a very good follower! I remark that since so many people see me as a spontaneous leader. Hardly. In fact, I personally don’t take too easily to the responsibility of leadership despite knowing I can do it. I wish often that I only had myself to lead. [:)] Sigh…

Anyway, a significant feature of my life has been the decision to be very selective about who I will follow. It is a practical decision on most fronts in truth, guided by the evidence of results or outcomes by said leader. And so if I have a poor boss, I will eventually out of sheer frustration ultimately, choose to move on from following him or her because I really can’t stand seeing the perennial repeat of the same mistakes and unneeded [often painful] outcomes that come via a boss who is partial to learning!

This explains why I have left several jobs, a marriage, family life, church life, academics, business life… I could keep going [smile]

But my drive to serve, make a contribution and live meaningfully has not died down over this time… which spans the bulk of my life although only taking refined shape in the last ten years or so. I came down to the point of realizing that most ‘leaders’ in the main stream were so occupied following the protocols of their field or industry that they were not concentrating on effects or results or impacts on constituents. How frustrating!! [Particularly since the majority of my activities both in work and personal life involved the clean-up sided of things and I got simply worn out spiritually, emotionally and physically especially!]

Survival therefore got me out of the craziness involuntarily, praying the entire time that I would somehow, someday find leadership that fits with me because despite everything, I don’t believe I, or anyone else, have automatic control or unlimited exclusive knowledge of how to lead other people. I have lots of theories on this but that will probably be better elaborated in a… well… leadership forum [;)]

I feel rather gratified in recent times for finding, unintentionally what I was searching for in leadership, which is the evidence of God Him/HerSelf. I truly don’t care if we consider God to be male, female, omni-sexual [just made that up!] or whatever… just to identify directly with the force that keeps things moving along as it were, in the background of Life.

While I’m at the point of deciding where to go with my Life, I recall the importance of Personal Leadership which means, mimicking the leadership I respect in my own life for the type of results and effects that I want. [Great guidance from one of the leadership gurus that slips me presently; probably Steven Covey or Jim Rohn… I kinda took these guys seriously when I studied them!! :)]

So in case anyone wants a leader to follow and wants some criteria to help them along in their decision, please consider:

God’s Ways

  1. Results/Performance: Growth that’s healthy, natural, beautiful, ordered [just look around!!]
  2. [S]he is naturally received and absorbable 🙂
  3. Goes about business both non-disruptively, non-intrusively
  4. Works with substance as opposed to elusive, ethereal, non-graspable, hot-air out of the nothing stuff
  5. Is easy and Light
  6. Not feigning control; actually IS
  7. Connects to All – non-exclusive, non-judgmentally
  8. Outreaches with warmth and life-giving energy[check out the sun!!]
  9. Helps and cares in a way that you can feel it and are not second guessing much of the time
  10. Does not painfully force way

It is that time again for me to take personal leadership in my direction and the alternatives of ‘who’ to follow are somewhat dim in society. To put it very simply, there is a dire lack of competent control-capability for most of the auto-esteemed leaders in my sphere, most of whom are trying this ‘command’ thing  and have little performance evidence supporting them.

That’s where I’m at today, choosing my leader, based on performance. That is sufficient for me.

If you will follow, and probably most importantly, if you will lead, choose carefully too.

Namaste, with Love,


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