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The Deep ~ ☼ ~

I have been recently, pleasantly exploring what could be called my deep self. This exploration was prompted by one of my favourite astrologers: Rob Breszny (

I like the findings that have emerged from this ‘extreme-prompted’ exploration which basically describes the qualities of my deep self. She:

  1. Is Loving
  2. Is thoughtful & intelligent
  3. Is accepting
  4. Is Desirous of good inputs to her Life
  5. Will team up willingly and consciously with the God-force (which includes other people, dedicated like myself!)
  6. Has patience and humour
  7. Has pride and Dignity
  8. Will get up and go
  9. Will let ‘people’ go
  10. Is Quiet

I like the Deep person in Me. I hope to spend all my Time with Her.


With Love,


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