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My travels have taken me many places and up till now, I didn’t consider the U.S. to be an ‘exotic’ place like so many others, just because I share so many features  culturally, in my country. I didn’t want to admit it for some time, but I have more in common with America than I do anywhere else. [smile]

Nonetheless, all my work over the past eight years [since I quit the System] has led me repeatedly to this Big Country which the World used as its benchmark for just about everything ~ good, bad or indifferent. It is evident now, how cultural leadership can blanket social, economic, political and academic life…

Nonetheless, perhaps because of this ‘leadership’, I was continually drawn to forums that were dominated by ‘The American Way’ for discussions, debates and elaborations. It was challenging in a positively stimulating way although often, it did depress me to see the vigour put into rationalising lots that wasn’t at all healthy.

Let me make the point that this wasn’t only Americans or even North Americans I got this from. It was everywhere! But thought leadership did indeed seem to come from this direction…

One interesting forum that I walked [virtually] into was an online community which swivelled between being spiritual, environmental and sadly, commercial. It got pretty complicated oftentimes, as the value systems clashed, but I can definitely say that some shining lights came through every time and were thankfully undimmed by the confusion.

It was also interesting how I ‘migrated’ into another, more open community online and in time also was led to several ‘shining lights’, in the midst of the multitude of advertising, spamming and diversions! And yes, many are from America!!

I have been learning so much about people and about humanity in general, starting with my own humanity… And as as today I remain so very hopeful of where we’re going! We can speak across divides; we can bond despite our distances; we can share a space and support our hearts, minds and bodies. How exciting!!

The cycle of bold exploring into what I don’t like in the World, has concluded with SO MUCH that I like; it’s ironic. I feel very certain that this was the ‘Plan’ anyway, since it was heart-led and built on the vision of a wonderful ‘people’, somewhere out there in the world.

And there are so MANY!

Shining lights abounded from my recent US visit… Here are some:

Nick Damoulakis and David Newman of Orases Consulting, winners of the Business Ethics Award in Maryland


Jim Wert my wonderful DC host.



Author Robin Rice at back and childhood friend Fatima Goossen!

My wonderful spiritual Friend, Meenakshi Suri in Miami

Our world is changing and with it, any ideas about U.S. or US, and I’d have to say: I like that!

Namaste, Peaceful Friends,


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