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The Love of a Brother

My brother Irwin was special, simply because he was not special. He needed no attention to smile, to work, to live. He wasn’t shy, just satisfied, just contented, just happy to live and do his thing.

This I remember about Irwin.

My earliest memory was him, hard-working… using his skillful hands and quick mind to create beautiful coral jewelery. He was  dedicated to this for some time and he brought lots of friends to the house who would do this work as well; definitely a creative guy and well loved.

But I think I remember him most for his silent ways. He had plenty to say; he observed and processed much. But he had no reason, whatsoever, to be blasting it out. In many ways this was unfortunate, since then he wasn’t noticed; in a world where mainly bluster and bravado get any attention…

But perhaps this is just what showed his richness. He didn’t have to blast at or for anything, nor to be received or to be accepted in order to be himself, and I like that!

But give him a listen and his intelligence flowed out spontaneously; my Brother the Wise One!

Irwin could get along with anyone. He fit the term ‘harmonious‘. He could laugh easily; he could ‘get to God’ in quick time; he understood perfection… and knew that it didn’t come from ‘things’.

I like that as well.

Whenever we met it was very much understood that we were family. The time and distance between meetings, irrespective. It didn’t matter. It doesn’t matter till now. We were at peace in knowing. We were good friends. [Happy smile…]

It is why today I feel sadness but not the tragic loss I may have expected, since my brother remains: in the natural breeze he preferred to live in, and the chuckles I still hear ringing out, and in my memories of his easy hug and smile that aren’t going anywhere very soon…

He has moved on to his Perfect Place and is peaceful now: received as he is… in harmonious ways, like his Nature.

I pray only deeper, undisturbed contentment for my loving Brother who is surely now smiling, restful, happy.

And I pray that you know that Your Sister is with you.



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