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I won’t even attempt a big, eloquent title or fancify things. This is just a topic due for itself!

They are the delight of the world. I’m never tired of seeing little ones in their prime: unaware, fearless, fun ‘up front’, Man at its finest, in my view.

I haven’t had my own children as yet although I have helped raised so many peoples’ I don’t quite feel like it’s the case. I’ve had such enjoyment from tuning in, from reading them, from speaking to them as the little, tiny individuals that they are!

I have been amazed personally how well they respond to reason and to responsibility; it’s like they’re ‘informed’ really early that they ought to be doing things. But it’s only effective when I speak directly to them, not shout, not order etc. And lots of interim hugging also seems to keep the flow going!

As a child, I know that I knew what I wanted. This is very tough for adults to acknowledge, maybe because we drift off from our wants as a matter of course in modern life. But I do recall wanting to share and wanting my space sometimes and also wanting quiet and little argument. I recall wanting to wander about a little, while feeling safe to do this. I recall having little dreams of having my own children also, to do little children things like plait hair and dress up!

They really require so little. And they’re such a joy! And although many attempt to insist that they are generally a terror, I have not found this. Like all of us they respond best to care and to their environment… all controllable from our end.

And so I say, God bless the children.

And bless us all.

Best, Sherrilene

Photo credit: Tamara Bokuchava, Barbados

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