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When I am not judging…

… things feel all right.

I’m not my own problem.

I am lighter.

I feel perfect.

I accept that things are quite ok and as they ought to be… as the Universe determines. It’s not me. [smile]

I am lighter.

I am my friend.

I smile quickly; smile easily.

I am lighter.

There is burden no more.

It is perfect.

I feel friendship, with harmony, with me.

I can see what’s good, what is soft, what is easiest, what’s in my power to act on.

Because really, who said I am or have the problem, besides my mind? Whoever said that? Did the Universe speak that into my consciousness or is it just illusion carrying forward … ?

In my heart I know better; better than to argue that:

I should be lighter, even in physical form.

‘Don’t carry a burden that’s not yours. It’s all fine.

And all will be well.

Relax, and see.

Be light.

Love, Me.’


To Light. Amen.

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