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I met a man…

… who coincidentally couldn’t see… but who had Vision.

He saw me clearly, although I did not know he was looking, alert, awake.

His name is Meltia and he is visually disabled, in layman’s terms.

But he can see deeply.

Meltia has climbed a mountain, literally, although he can’t see. He wanted a challenge.

He has learned to read and write and to teach… and to motivate and to inspire. And he does this daily.

And his most striking words to me, of his life were:

‘Nobody owes me anything.’

His ‘disability’ occurred from a fall, an accident, while he was in the womb. He had no say; he wasn’t ‘there’ to avoid it. It just happened; it just was.

My encountering him was at a strange meeting; you know those official kinds. The ones that go nowhere and are destined to be repeated weekly, indefinitely, until another new hot subject comes up to start having meetings for again.

So I sat in the meeting with my notes, not interested… tuning out the chatter to concentrate on my work and I started to hum some little song… some inspirational song.

It was under my breath, no-one should hear. But he heard and he responded by agreeing to the tag line, whatever that was. It was a grateful song, so whatever it was, resonated.

This man was joyful; very concerned sometimes about his future, as an older man without family and having had to earn his own living all of his life… But cheerful and so thankful to give people hope and inspire people despite his ‘disability’.

We could speak deeply, for long periods. He didn’t see me as a superficial being. We didn’t have to get by my ‘looks’ or my age… I didn’t have to curb my charm or my smile at the risk of being too attractive.

‘If people only knew the challenges of being… If only…’

‘Of course they know! ‘[smile]

No, he saw me. He ‘met’ with me. He appreciated me. He inspired me. He showed another light to me to keep going… to stay on the path…

And I wish Meltia well. I pray he will be protected and taken care of in his old age, and given the comfort of mind that he has afforded so many people.

I pray, if I can help him to secure his future, that someday I will be able to.

God bless you, kind Meltia.

Meltia Hamilton

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  1. God Bless you beautiful Sherrilene for sharing this life of Meltia…..this is what life is all about..I love these factual stories!!….One has to appreciate his feat in life and Self determination to go on without feeling of Self pity. To continue on Glowing and spreading his love and Ear

    His words…NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING!! Many could learn from this…Good words !!

    The real word! If some would only give of and See through his “EYES”! ???
    Love you for this ! Love and Light ! Jeannie xx

    Comment by Jean Harvey | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Blessings to you, your caring and your love and to Meltia Hamilton….He is an inspiration to all! Blessings of Love and Light for him and I will keep him in my Prayers.

    Comment by Jean Harvey | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  3. Oh precious Sherrilene…this is beautiful…Meltia…You…the things you take notice of…the parts that move you & awaken you…
    I am truly looking forward to following you here. I enjoyed the deep exchange on FB yesterday. I wrote this morning about dancing between the 2 worlds. Tho’ it hasn’t felt much like dancing recently. I have been in the challenge of it all & that is okay too. Sifting…digesting…noticing…I catch myself judging this time or me. Then I realize that I am in preparation for the next. It isn’t in form yet. So I attend to what is in front of me. Embracing it all…even when it doesn’t feel like embracing 😉
    Thank you for who you are! And sharing it!!!

    Comment by Cyndee Greene | December 23, 2009 | Reply

  4. What a wonderful world this would be if we all could “see” so clearly. Bless Meltia and bless you, Sherrilene for sharing your story.


    Comment by Paula Hayden | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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