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Ok, so I’m starting to write my book!

No dramatics, I keep promising myself. Just let my decisions all flow.

Life is too strange, that’s all I can say. It doesn’t matter how decisive one is, what is meant to happen will happen. I had so many thoughts of how I’d start this note out and now they’re down the drain because my emotions have taken me in the next direction. So let me just express what is going on at this time.

I had a revelation yesterday that indeed I want to feel passion again in my life. This has come and gone; gone up and down… but it’s generally been my guide for ‘big’ decisions like taking ‘risky’ jobs or furthering my studies or even changing my circle of friends. Deep down in my heart I know that life is about excitement and enjoyment and so ultimately I will get to this place of saying, ‘What is happening here? This is NOT living!’ Then I’ll take action. [smile]

Why this is probably relevant right now is that I feel the need to let other people be aware that there are different things to life than what we keep seeing. It doesn’t matter how many, where or who, just anybody! It is for my own good as well, for my wellbeing, for me being happy.

You see I interface daily with mostly people who are so extremely priviliged that they have no concept of what excitement is; they have a structure in their lives which says with certainty ‘things’ will be there. There is security of sorts in this existence. The only problem is, security of this type brings some apathy, some ennui, some boredom and sad to say, a dear lack of appreciation for what they have.

Now as a person with many friends who live in countries and in difficult situations where the privilege of boredom is not an option, this constantly wears me out. It exhausts me for a few reasons: one is, with apathy, ennui and all those things, there’s no creativity; no ideas, no likelihood of moving resources and helpfulness along to where it is needed. So I wait disappointingly for any simple solutions to manifest themselves.

The [not-so-privileged] world sits looking to the ‘thought leaders’, the intellectuals, the educated lot, to bring solutions to them. The logical idea is, with all the research and development and analysis going on, so much funds pumping into great ideas, that someday, somehow they will trickle down into solutions for everyone.

The only thing is, sitting here on the outside and yet in the middle somewhat, I can see that the ‘wait for someone’ approach is unfortunately the way of the intellectual side of the world as well. Taking action isn’t a part of that cultural psyche. People aren’t nudged to take decisions, really, unless they are required to by [external] pressure most times.

What does this have to do with me?

My experience, repeatedly, has been that I am instructive in moving people to think a little, trust a little, try a little bit more than they had been doing in previous times of their lives. The consequences are usually a release from a rigid place and the flow of beautiful ideas and energies that serve everyone. Indeed it is a really satisfying experience watching this, so win-win for all.

I would like to say I don’t want to touch just the privileged lot at all. In fact fresh ideas are just waiting to be implemented from many people who didn’t know they had many options as well at their disposal. The point being: I just want to stimulate thinking, connecting, creating. That is it!

I also know that if I, myself, die with my story in me, it would be a waste of this life which has been pretty remarkably pleasant and very enjoyable despite all the ups and downs, the traumas and dramas. If more people recognise themselves in me, perhaps they would mobilise a bit more to that enjoyment that is due to them but is still not considered a characteristic of this life as we know it.

I also think that my philosophies of life, borne out of experience and not just intellect… indeed, hardly from traditional intellect, bear more significance today than ever before, in serving my higher purpose of education, which I’ve always known is my bigger calling. So more reason to do this.

Though the past has brought me to this place I don’t want to live there. I would like the future to shine brightly in my mind’s eye and if I can contribute to it, then I’d like to, in any way I can. Here is one way hopefully.

Thanks for your well wishes in advance.

Blessings and Love,

Best, Sherrilene



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  1. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! :oD

    Comment by Sue Johnson | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. yes beautiful lady in red~ life is about movement! and by sharing your story, you do reach into others lives!
    mental, physical and emotional… the world does not stop. it goes on, and so do we! it all comes from within, we just need to look at what is there, truly look, thru the garbage and other peoples garbage, and pick thru it all, and decide how we resonate, and then follow our hearts desires…
    I may sound like I have had an easy time with this. but it has been thru the darkness and trouble times that I have received the most strength and the best lessons.
    so from an ‘aging’ haha point of view… you go girl!
    expand your wings, stop for a rest when you need to, and get up and soar some more! may we always learn from another!
    we love you! and always, many blessings! peacelovelight!

    Comment by margo | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. remember your minds eye is always on you and see’s only the love and perfect beauty inside you me are all one


    Inner potential release
    Begin look in at you
    Light has no darkness
    We all carry peace
    To receive just give
    Live laugh be love
    Listen breathe hear life
    Begun one birth return
    Childs smile feel learn

    -Ronald Sorenson
    A.D.D. Poet
    October 13,2009

    peace we are

    Comment by Ron | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  4. The problem is that we’re ALL waiting for somebody else to ‘do’ something, somebody else to solve a problem, somebody else to change the way things are done. The only way anything is going to happen in this world is when you and I actually ‘do’ it! We are the people others are waiting for to show them a different way.

    That ‘different way’ may be writing about your experiences to encourage people they can do it too. It may be me starting a community garden… it’s the ‘doing’ that changes the world not the thinking about it!

    So write your story, Sherrilene… be on paper the inspiration you are in real life.


    Comment by Amber | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  5. YOu Go Gurl….I will find time to read it if you write it..

    Comment by Larry D. Miller | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  6. Hi Sherrilene,
    Well done girl! I just love your blog! So beautiful! You inspire me.

    Comment by Gerda | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  7. I wish you the very best dear Sherri..How inspiring and I agree it is not always the intellect..but the experience of swimming in the waters of life and all it has to we choose to see..allow and expand..It is wonderful you are taking this next step..sharing your beautiful story with us..I know it is..and will be truly are you my friend..

    May all your journeys and great diving be blessed with an abundance of joy..peace..and wonder always.. in all you choose to do..


    Comment by ange | November 19, 2009 | Reply

  8. Sherri,

    if your FB page is any indication your writing is going well. I look forward to reading it as I’ve looked forward to sitting down with your previous postings. You are a thought provoking writer; and even if I don’t always comment you certainly bring me to a place where I do think.

    Best wishes with your book


    Comment by Melanie R. | November 25, 2009 | Reply

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