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The Sea

Until I lived abroad, I didn’t really realise how much the sea meant to me. Indeed like many people, I could easily go for months without even noticing the waters around me. My work schedule didn’t allow for much beaching anyway; I could easily leave home very early and not go that route and I definitely left work sometimes at such a late hour, it was dark outside on my return.

Schedules were about work not pleasure in those times so the beach was down on the list in terms of my priorities.

Going to France was an interesting exercise that got me to see how much the sea is worshipped in some places. I often compared our beaches and thought, ‘What is the big deal?’, not very pleasantly rating my own much higher in terms of natural beauty [smile].

But the truth is, I really didn’t appreciate the ocean very much until my friend visited from Holland and immersed herself with such love. Being her hostess I had to take her everywhere she wanted to go, and I found I was quite jealous when she’d dive off without hesitation, and I, like most natives, would hesitate… all kinds of crazy stories about what could go wrong, in my head.

It struck me as ridiculous that she had more confidence in these waters than I! So I made my commitment to overcome my fear and went and really learned to swim.

The fear was quite real; I could actually feel my heart slamming every time I had to think about that deep, dark blue water where we used to train. I did great; nobody really knew how terrified I was. But long story short, I overcame the fear and that time became a watershed in my general approach to life. I often compare new difficulties to the pushing past of fear at that time, and they usually don’t quite compare…

The first time I went snorkeling was without a doubt a huge high point. You know you’ve been touched when you wake from sleeping and say out loud ‘Did you see that?’ to nobody or anybody in particular! Snorkeling in tropical waters is something I think every living person should experience.


Tropical Waters

I have seen the toughest ‘home-boy’ lose all resistance after getting a glimpse of some multi-coloured fishes rush past, close-up! Even now, I still get freaked out when a school of silver ones decides to swim around and not be bothered by my presence. Seeing the sun glinting off of them through crystal waters is like nothing I could describe, but definitely something that awakens you to what beauty is…

I have had much enlightening and also healing from the sea. Sitting and watching the expanse of water without real boundaries puts in perspective this Reality of ours. After taking a real look with some humility, you could never again conclude that life is about man-made construction, talking and television and so many other things we have consume us often.

After seeing a manta ray come close to the cliff only you are sitting at, and raise its wing almost in greeting, and witnessing precious sea turtles pop their head up and hang out with you for a long time, how could you not feel connected with all that’s living?

Once I was quite ill and my semi-addiction to the sea got me to thinking that perhaps I should consider taking the advice of the old people and try out the sea as my cure. By then I had long sworn off ‘drugs’ and the alternatives the doctors kept giving me were too radical for my liking and would keep me coming back to them. So crazy me, I decided a sea bath a day, or two if I’m compelled to, would be my prescription. And indeed I did. The first day or two, I could hardly stand because of the pain, but each time I emerged from the sea I was standing taller.  After about five days I was in good shape. I could literally feel myself healing. I was focussed on healing, yes, but indeed two years and more later, I have had no recurrence of this ailment and am not the least bit worried about its returning.

And so even though right now I don’t distrust the doctors and their remedies to the same extent, I still find that the sea sits at the top of my list of cures if I ever have to heal.

There is still no colour quite like my waters; those waters have inspired me so much and in so many ways. They now stay with me even in my travels. Abundant Beauty is manifest in that place.


Sea Rocks Beauty

Oceans of Blessings to all friends.



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  1. Oh, this is a wonderful read! I truly emphatize with all of it!

    When I was in Manila, it was studies or career that took most of my time. During my student years, it was seldom that my family really went to sea to swim but I did treasure those times. Many weekends we did go to a park by the Manila Bay but only to climb down some rocks to touch the water or splash water with our bare feet. And more so just enjoying the aroma of salty seawater, feeling the breeze dance through our skin, and watching the boats and ships and the sunset, and fishes when we’re lucky. I remember those occasions until now. Loved the feeling of being one with the ocean ever since.

    When I started working, again it was a blessing to be with a wonderful group of colleagues who loved the sea so we did schedule office outings in the beautiful beaches of northern Philippines. We would spend days all as a big family and they were so enjoyable.

    Feeling elated that I could reminiesce like this after experiencing your beautiful blog today!

    …and I do also believe the healing power of the sea, and the mountains and nature in general. Again it is a blessing that after living close to the Himalayas and without an ocean nearby, am now privileged to be surrounded now by both ocean and mountains – bliss indeed!

    Comment by Mila | November 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. lovely to touch base again!

    Comment by Anna Varney-Wong | November 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. If I won the lottery, I would buy a house by a warm sea and indulge in the things that you describe. If I won the lottery… Only once did I have a holiday by the sea that can be compared to your wonderful seashore, in Thailand, 14 years ago and the memory has stayed with me forever. I didn’t do snorkeling, just swimming and resting and enjoying some quiet moments in the sun… what a blessing.

    Well done you for overcoming your fear of water. When we do such things, we feel so empowered. You are a true mermaid, my friend. A sea water fairy…

    Comment by thesoulawakener | November 11, 2009 | Reply

  4. Just looking at the pictures lulls me into a peaceful place in my mind…

    Comment by Amber | November 14, 2009 | Reply

  5. Sherrilne,

    That was a great way of copnquering your fear of the water. As they always say we must face our challenges, and you, I know has to be one of the best swimmers now.
    How do I know that? You are always at the beach with your dogs. .

    Comment by Heather | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. How lovely to hear from you again…and to read Mila’s comment! I’ve missed reading the inspiring writings from you both!!

    Comment by Helen | November 16, 2009 | Reply

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