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Fallen fruits…

I continue to remark how following instinct is teaching me about life and indeed reality, time and space. Even I didn’t recognise how much plastic had infiltrated my mind all this time.

All I knew was that I wasn’t feeling free to flow and somehow must ‘shed down’.

I rarely tell the woes of my journey because for the most part, I have moved on. I also learned to ‘buck up’ and be strong and all those wonderful things that people say we should do when we face hardship, disappointment and the like. I got really ‘good’ at that [smile…].

But reflection and healing have a way of requiring the mind to go back to those places we were hurt and dare to move through them for their learning contribution. And so recently I have been reminded significantly why I quit my job and left the System some time back. It was because of resistance… I must say, RESISTANCE! I had great ideas, they were working, staff was happy, customers good, boss wasn’t ‘ready’… The impact on me was, shall we say, defeating.

What brought me down was the evidence of human potential that was just sitting there, doing little to be maximised, for no reason other than it was going to shake things up in the status quo.

As more clarity emerges as to the true dynamics of the world we’ve been for the most part struggling in, my whole System is opening up to what else is going on: how the general society is sitting within a much greater System which we neglect for the most part.

Each time I go out on my walks I see fruit in abundance, on the trees, fallen on the ground in decay, similarly not being optimised. I remark how we import and buy goods and foodstuffs which are chemically treated and of questionable quality and which have often proven to be harmful in the long run.

We honour and entertain frivolity and skirt around issues that relate to our children and keeping them healthful and functional for the future… and they need all the help they can get given the state of things!

Many people I know have been declining physically as they live lives of service in a world where a wilingness to serve also means abuse oftentimes. They are doing this in settings where (unseen but very present) toxins are so great that self management isn’t enough to stay healthy and fit, and in environments where there is no authority that is insisting on ‘keeping it clean’…

So much around us represents fallen fruits; so much wastage, such disturbed focus, such messy priorities…

There is no scarcity in nature; just look and see. But probably more important: there is none so blind as he who will not see…

I await the day with patience when ego-propping becomes a lesser priority than lives of wellness and health and continue to put my attention to those abundant human fruit in my space and engage them, hopefully giving them a reaason to not be defeated through their interface with scarcity. Where clear potential resides it should be embraced, for all of our sakes.

Exploitation of the finite only creates loss of life. An immersion in the infinite leads to balance and a better Quality of Life.

I hope you will consider engaging too.

Wishing everyone the desires of your hearts.

All the best,



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