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Am… err… Faith? Oh boy!

Mmmm, a test of Faith; the big word… the BADDD word!

My good friends remark that I’m of faith and very dedicated, and compared to many, I guess I am. Case in point: my decision to go out on my own and not only start a business but a business which was in direct contradiction to the dynamics of The System, i.e. it concentrated on higher human values.

It did take a lot to take that leap but I felt it was my higher purpose being acted out, and therefore it would be allright; indeed better than allright! It had to be far better than where I was, dissatisfied in so many spheres of my life.

Back then the primary currency coming in was dollar-wise, but much of my self respect was rushing back out… So this led to a very dismal place of existence.

So many years on, substantial investments of all kinds later, and I am happy to say, equivalent improvement of my quality of life and I’m now at a juncture where my belief in the greater virtues is being strongly tested.

Interesting moment; because this time my gut is telling me ‘Stick with it…’; and my emotions all seem to be going with it too! I feel I can’t go wrong!

This is progress.

I also feel my commitment earlier in the day to simply continue being happy, overrides all other ‘events’ which may turn up right now.

Isn’t it amusing? I even have some ‘logic’ for this position!  Here it is:

  1. I have worked long and hard, usually by myself, to be disciplined and committed to ‘good things’. In some circles one would say, I have paid my dues
  2. It is clear that I was never really up against myself all this time… the beautifully, deep woven System was rife with inefficiencies, wastage, blatant corruption…!  I could go on but I won’t bother, and
  3. All of the signals of the System that I have followed, while setting aside my instincts, have led me repeatedly into anguish, depression and very often, misery. Some of the biggies included marriage, commitment to religion and to family,  post-graduate education, the ‘good job’ and finally immersion in the ‘motivation’ sector.

No, that didn’t quite work…

By the same token, going by the gut has been magnificent!I am thankful to say, I am NEVER bored with any of my activities.

Something about natural living is great, without it taking away from sophistication or modern life and I feel I am getting very good at it!I just KNOW I’m onto something great!

And so I’ve decided to let my nature flow and just keep happy and to let the rest go to the Universe to make things right and in my favour… Let us just see how it will go.

Namaste and Peace to you.


I've always thought this picture was quite a fitting depiction of my Leap!

I've always thought this picture was quite a fitting depiction of my Leap!


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  1. You go girl! Stand up for your truth. “No more hesitation” is my added message here! It goes for me,too!
    hugs, Annie

    Comment by Annie Sherwood | August 20, 2009 | Reply

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