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I still get surprised when I see my thoughts manifest into reality. In fact, if there were one thing I would encourage everyone to try just once [although you might probably get hooked on this!], it is to focus intentionally and with positivity on some small dream of theirs, then let it go to the universe to let it take beautiful form.

I have dreamed for some time of a home in a very green and flower-filled place with fruit trees and animals around me. I thought I would actually have to move to a different country to have this dream fulfilled. But the Universe decided otherwise!

Yes, a dream come true. I will have this beautiful surrounding to live and work in quite soon; a place of quiet, of clean energy for creativity. I can’t imagine what little goodies are going to come out of these fingers and this brain from that move!

I spend a good deal of time refining my thinking and communing with the universe’s desires for me, which I believe are represented by my visions for living. It’s such a great feeling to feel aligned with It!

So friends, please don’t ignore your visions; indeed embrace them and hold them with love to your heart. And with pure mind and positive intention, they just might come true for you too!

Bless and be blessed.


green farm


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  1. I need to know more about this space! This is wonderful news!

    Comment by Aley | August 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. yes, so true, what we focus on we attract :- How great this is for you Sherri, & i’m with Aley here.. need to know more & see pictures! : )

    Comment by tara | August 17, 2009 | Reply

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