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The Value of Values [originally written Oct-2007]

How valuable do you consider your values to be?

These are the ‘things’ that keep you grounded, that keep you centred, on your path. As long as you do decide to stick to them.

There are days when the fact that you have strong principles and values feels like it’s a challenge in this world. And particularly as an entrepreneur it does strike hard at times.

But the biggest of the challenges lies in faith; in keeping that big picture in thoughts. The picture that says: sticking closely to your goodness and decency will be worth it in the end. And the end is yet in sight.

Our society still appears to undervalue values. We can see the ‘wonderfulness’ of it; we admire and respect it, but we still so often hesitate to put significant tangible value to it, to actively demonstrate that we appreciate it.

At the risk of being negative, I must say that it’s only a handful of persons that I know, who will think to compensate those persons who are trying to do good in this world. This is not a new story of course… look at what they did to Christ… but the question remains with me as to if we have not evolved as a species over 2,000 years ago…?

There is still a level of acceptance for the pursuit of materialism and feeding the capitalist corporate animal. We don’t seem to hesitate to ‘donate’ our earned goods to the credit card company and the bank.

But the sources that give value, long-term value, are so usually a second thought; an after thought even; if thought of at all.

Should that mean that we withhold our contribution, our value from a world that currently can’t receive it? No, the answer will hold closely that the end will be the best. And the returns on investing in principle and holistic value will reflect such giving too.

The same way that our individual needs run the gambit from the mental to the emotional to the spiritual to the physical, the rewards will be reflective across the many forms of You.

Learn to value all the blessings that do come that might not be physical or financial: the emotional sanctity and peacefulness, the mental and intellectual stimulation and growth and certainly the spiritual enrichment and enlightenment, and the feeling of being much closer to God, that comes from sticking to principle and standing for something right.

Value your values, good people.

Best, Sherrilene




June 25, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Very meaty and relevant, Sherrilene. Thank you for this!

    Comment by Peter Brown | July 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. I truly admire all that you do, Sherrilene. It’s hard to get people to care who don’t know enough to care. I think that we are Given what we each need, if we remember how to see and find those treasures. The true ones. If we are thinking that other people are going to somehow learn and change, and if THAT is what we think we need, then largely we’ll be disappointed, won’t we? What came to my mind as I read your article is the concept of “sociopath.” Often such an individual is in a position of leadership, if they are intelligent and a good risk-taker. I think it would be great if we were more willing to recognize sociopathology as a mental illness rather than a business skill. “The emperor needs mental health treatment because he has no heart.” Would anyone dare say that?

    Comment by Martha Bergin | July 4, 2009 | Reply

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