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I have made a commitment to closely watch my influences, on knowing very well that your circle will affect you, intentionally or not and that your ability to have the life you want is impacted a great deal as a consequence.

The world offers the full range of potential influences and since my choice is to have a fantastic quality of life, I have been quite strategic in which influences will make it into my space. They should be open and honest and of love… if I have any say in the matter, and mostly I do. It is really a choice…

In recent years my life has whittled down significantly to mostly outings to nature, intelligent conversations with heart-full people, close time with my family, my dogs and good solid friendships and relationships. It has meant a severe reduction in my ‘business’ activities, in part, because business still operates on different principles than this. But, nonetheless, this feels more than right, so I shall press on as I’m doing.

Bridging different gaps that have become the norm in our lives has been a feature of my evolution for some time. I even chose my company name [Human Quality Headquarters] as indication that I have no intention of ever emphasising the differences in us as people but to highlight the shared meanings for us as we re-unite and heal.

This past week gave me an opportunity to see avenues of shared meaning among a wide range of diverse people and I felt such a privilege to do this!

It started with the dogs, actually. I take them out walking regularly, at any time it feels right, and I find that their presence always sparks conversation with children of all ages [yes from 2 to 82]! Since I have major challenges with mundane topics [a.k.a. small talk!] this has been such a relief! People are fascinated to see these really obedient animals that clearly love me as I love them, just walking the streets and the countryside!

It has been intriguing how many people comment about this out loud and note especially, that Jonny’s leg is ‘deformed’, by traditional terms and enquire about it. It’s a great opportunity for me to mention how this happened [run over and left abandoned as a pup] and that I acquired the dogs from the Animal Sanctuary, which many people are not even aware of from day to day. There’s a great deal of empathy expressed in each person…

I also went to a pre-school graduation and again, it was remarkable the responses from people of every kind, to see the little imperfect souls performing their hearts out for our benefit and enjoying our applause tremendously during and after their little acts! This took hearts away, all of us…!

The Best of Us...

My realisation, again, that these little ones, were many of us not that long ago and that influences surrounding us helped define how we ‘turned out’ was striking. After a certain age it gets more and more difficult to keep that innocence ‘up’, to stay true to who we started as… By early twenties many of the youngsters I teach are wading through seas of apathy looking for some good reason to do their best when it really seems like it doesn’t matter in this world…

For some moments there I got the hopeful feeling that everyone attending: the men, women and children in us, ‘got‘ what living is about and what is most worthy of preserving and indeed putting our energies into… at least for a while…

Some days I wonder where we’re going as a People… but some other days I feel hopeful that there’s a New Generation on hand that can still be moulded for something great, and I seek to influence what we give to them in my  own little way.

I hope I can influence you thus as well.

Bless, and peacefully.

Love, Sherrilene


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  1. lovely sharing your journey – seeing ‘I’ reflected in all being – seeing that potential which is more amazing than any words we can use to describe it. May the little ones be loved and nurtured

    Comment by Anna Varney-Wong | June 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. Great thoughts, Sherrilene.

    I am reflecting especially on the image of the little ones performing their hearts. I remember when I was such a one. It would serve us all well to see ourselves back at that age and step up to the responsibility of touching these lives positively.

    Comment by Jennifer | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. Sherrilene, thank you.

    These words from you are a perfect part of a lovely and serendipitous gift that the universe is giving me, today. Rather than hurrying around like I normally do, I took some time this morning to watch my grandaughter sleep.

    Such power in realigning ourselves with the beautiful, innocent simplicity modeled for us by children and animals. It’s the stuff from which we all are made!

    Namaste, my sister. Deep bows.

    Comment by Sue Johnson | June 25, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thank you for the reminder to hold on to the important things in life which, to the rest of the world, are the small things… walking the dogs, spending time with heart-full people, poking a seed into the ground to see what might come up…

    Comment by Amber | June 30, 2009 | Reply

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