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Adventures in Finland – Midsummer 2003

Originally posted exactly one year ago! Here is a repeat of my Solstice Tribute blog!

I wanted to blog about a significant Summer Solstice celebration in my life, at the event of another significant one in all our lives. For me the event in particular took place in Finland, which is pretty far north and actually quite close to Russia! [I made a trip to the border of Russia as well in this trip, but that should be another story, I think…]

I didn’t actually know the significance of midsummer until this occasion; my friends from Scandinavia [Norway, Sweden – where I was living and doing PhD studies, Finland, Denmark and Iceland… forgive me if I have left anyone out!] all celebrated this time in a very major way, since it signified of course the change of seasons officially and represented the longest day of the year. The celebrations included bonfires on every lake basically, and a great deal of community bonding. It was a great atmosphere!


[Here with my friend and host Pirjo… I was pretty cold!]

For me the most outstanding experience was the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. We literally drove the country all night long and never had darkness. For me, coming from a country that is quite near the Equator, we generally have 12 & 12 in terms of daylight hours every day. It was enough of a challenge to go down to 4 hours daylight or night time, depending on where I was situated in Scandinavia or Northern Europe previously! But by the time of the Summer Solstice, we were down to NO hours of darkness at all. It was quite confusing to my body and my eyes. [Sleeping was a problem, yes!]

So here is a picture of us having a meal around 10:00 p.m. on June 20th [Midsummer celebrations would take place the following night…


Here are actual pictures that were taken at 11:30 and 11:45 p.m. respectively as well. You can imagine how incredible this was:



It was a privilege to have had the chance to participate in such a beautiful and significant occasion in Finnish peoples’ lives and apparently many of the old tribes and traditions as well. It definitely does not hold the same significance in the Caribbean where I live; but as a Global Citizen, it does feel pretty special to me…

Quoting noted Astrologer Jonathan Cainer:

“Once, the solstice was a grand occasion when millions would forget their cares as they gathered to share a feast. The Winter Solstice is still celebrated in this way. The name has changed (we call it Christmas these days), but there’s no denying the ancient cosmic origin of the festival. Sadly though, the midsummer equivalent has lapsed, leaving a strange gaping hole in the rhythm of the year.”

This year I am ready for the party. we’ll have our own! ; )

Hope you enjoyed this as much I have, reflecting on an exciting and life-changing time.

Blessings to all,



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